Thailand: LG G6 against HTC U11

I was waiting to buy HTC U 11. you know that. I just loved all my HTC beginning with HTC One. Something is always special about HTC smartphones. Taiwanese company is a well-known loser and a bad boy of the smartphone market. But Only HTC keep innovating smartphone market and losing money year after year.

I had to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge after breaking screen on my Sony Z4 and i will never ever buy Samsung smartphone again. Don’t get me started on battery life and scrolling attempth through curved display… It just doesn’t work for me. They say Apple sells because of the name and Samsung because of the screen.

So, i was waiting for HTC 11 to come out and watched announcement live waiting for HTC to go on Sale in Thailand. But more i watched, more i hated this hew phone.

Yes, it has squeeze, yes it has new cameras and new special headphones, 2 assistants. But from every day use point of view, it had a fingerprint magnet materials allover, huge size, small battery and low screen/body ratio. it’s only 5.5″ screen, but compare it with LG G6.


LG 6 battery is 3,300mA compare to 3,000mA of HTC 11. Sorry HTC, i am buying LG 6. G6 is on sale in Thailand now for 20,290 baht and it’s Hong Kong model, which means you will get 64Gb of RAM and Quad DAC audio processing.

Shop for 64Gb LG G6

Last thing: look at Ceramic White color! It’s truly amazing, not to mention that you will not have to wipe your phone every time you take it out of the pocket. This amazing white color will repel fingerprints in hot Thai weather.

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