Swiss bank account for Thais and Expats. How to open.

Swiss bank account for Thais and expats

I am using Swiss bank account for quite a while. It was easy to open, just need to fill the form, submit notarized copy of your passport and proof of you mailing address (any utility bill ot internet service bill will be ok) and you have your free Swiss bank account with any currency you want. I have CHF, USD, CAD and EURO.

Transferring funds from Thai bank cost 300 baht plus $20 and takes 24 hours. Access is free over the internet and mobile.

This month Swissquote launched cryptocurrency trading and you can trade Bitcoin, Litecoin directly from your mobile phone.

Just click this link to open free Swiss Bank account. Thai person or expeat all eligible.

And that’s not all! Please use this referral number qdujl8 and you receive 100CHF credit for your new Swissquote account. remember, to get your free 100 Swiss Francs bonus, you need to use code qdujl8 when you fill your application form:

Please let me know how it worked for you. Don’t forget referral code to get your free 100 Swiss franks for your new account

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