Supercharge Your PC or Laptop with SSD in Thailand

Solid State Drive, also known as SSD will bring dramatic increase in speed of your Laptop or PC by increasing read/write speed by 5 times. Speed – both transfer and access are a separate league from your conventional HDD. Another advantage is no noise and no moving parts. Third, and most important for laptop users is low power consumption, meaning your battery will last much longer.

SSD will have 2.5″ form factor and SATA connector, which means, you could just remove your existing hard drive and snap SDD righ on.

Solid State Drives normally more expensive per Gb than Dard Drives, but you could check prices on Lazada and shop around got 20-30% discounted SSD in Thailand

Shop for Solid State Drive

Samsung EVO SSD series are considered to be the best on the market. You will find Kingston SSDNow much cheaper in Thailand. I had few failures with those, so stick with Samsung EVO. I would avoid any other extremely cheap Chinese brands.

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