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SSL Certificate for free

I just noticed that our web site address bar turned green. See this green lock or word “secure” if you use Google Chrome?

That on the earth is this? We are in Thailand, i haven’t see many of those, except maybe Facebook. Are we as secure as Facebook Thailand?

Just spoke to our web design company. Interesting things, you can get this for any (almost any) web site for free (almost for free)

Googling “SSL Certificate” bring interesting reading. Entergraph Web Design just published own article on this matter of web security. We all login to this web site to publish our tips and articles and do not want anyone to steal out personal information.

What SSL certificate do is to encrypt communication between web server and our computer, just like your smartphone does for Line or WhatsApp. Good news, right. Normally SSL certificates are expensive and needs to be renewed every year, but thanks to folks from Entergraph here in Pattaya and Secure Web initiative, you can get it for your web site for free. Only configuration and installation fee of 3,000 baht/site is paid once in a lifetime.

Just to add that i was told if you sell goods online in Thailand or anywhere in the world, you better have one of paid Comodo certificates installed for extra protection of your buyer’s credit card and personal details.

Well, we are green and secured now, so feel free to login and post your articles! SSL also used by Google to rank web site higher than other on World Wide Web, this will eventually boost our web site.

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