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  • Flights from U-Tapao to Europe

    Qatar Air just launched flights to Europe from Pattaya U-Tapao airport

    Experience the skies like never before. We are delighted to announce that Qatar Airways is launching 4 weekly flights from Pattaya on 28 January 2018. Pattaya will become the fifth destination in Qatar Airways’ Thai network, after Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi and Chiang Mai flying to more than 150 places around the world including 43 European […] More

  • Motorbike-Traffic-Violation-fees-in-Thailand

    Motorbike Traffic Law Violation Fees in Thailand

    Yes, i got fined for something, not sure what i done wrong, just know that it cost me 200 baht at the police station. As a longtime Pattaya expat, i learned not to argue, just say sorry and pay. I was interested what are the legal fees for traffic law violations in Thailand. Here is […] More

  • How to Travel Thailand

    Going to Thailand? You need to watch this! Check out my Thailand Video Guide Here: This is your all knowing travel guide for Thailand! YouTube Source: LostLeBlanc More

  • Quiz: Do You Know Thailand?

    Thailand is home to what may be the world’s longest snake, the reticulated python. The largest one ever found stretched over 33 feet (10 m) from end to end. Check your knowledge of other facts More

  • Scuba Diving in Pattaya with Mermaids Dive Center

    We went diving with Mermaids Dive Center as usual on Friday. Hardeep wreck dive and 2 coral dives afterwards. Unusually great visibility on the wreck on the day. It’s almost the best day i had on Hardeep at Samaesan. Food is always great and diving is 3,000 baht for certified divers and 4,000 for Discover […] More

  • Easy to Get You Credit Card in Thailand with CITI

    If you are foreigner in Thailand, you may want to get a local Thai credit card.We all need it, but most banks reject expats application even those who have a valid work permit and receive salary on monthly basis. Thanks to Thai CITI bank new initiative, it’s is possible now for foreigner in Thailand to […] More

  • Health Land Pattaya

    The name ‘Health Land’ is not new to health conscious people. As a matter of fact, Health Land was originally built around the concept of a health center comprising a supermarket selling organic and healthy food, vegetarian restaurant, drug store, herbal garden, library, massage and meditation room, and seminar corner for those who wanted to […] More

  • Koh Larn Island

    Koh Larn is a wonderful little island in the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Larn is located about 7km off the coast of Pattaya Beach of which is about two hours drive south of Bangkok. The Island is about 4km long and about 2km wide and has about a thousand residents most of whom live in […] More

  • Thailand Quality Medical Tourism

    Medical tourism in Thailand is a market worth billions of baht. Thailand is famous for it’s plastic surgeries and very reasonable prices for essential and elective surgery. Most popular services are: Face Lift Eyebrow Lift Nose Job/Rhinoplasty Lip Augmentation Eye bag removal All kinds of transplant surgery in Thailand are performed for the fraction of […] More