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  • SSL Certificate for free

    About Web Site Security and SSL

    I just noticed that our web site address bar turned green. See this green lock or word “secure” if you use Google Chrome? That on the earth is this? We are in Thailand, i haven’t see many of those, except maybe Facebook. Are we as secure as Facebook Thailand? Just spoke to our web design […] More

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    Thailand: LG G6 against HTC U11

    I was waiting to buy HTC U 11. you know that. I just loved all my HTC beginning with HTC One. Something is always special about HTC smartphones. Taiwanese company is a well-known loser and a bad boy of the smartphone market. But Only HTC keep innovating smartphone market and losing money year after year. […] More

  • Car DVR for Hot Weather in Thailand

    If you are looking for Card DVR or “dashcam” please confider “the capacitor” type. Problem with regular battery powered car DVR is that’s too damn hot in Thailand. Attaching DVR to the windshield will definitely put it under the sun, Sun will heat the DVR and battery will explode. If you lucky it will not […] More

  • Supercharge Your PC or Laptop with SSD in Thailand

    Solid State Drive, also known as SSD will bring dramatic increase in speed of your Laptop or PC by increasing read/write speed by 5 times. Speed – both transfer and access are a separate league from your conventional HDD. Another advantage is no noise and no moving parts. Third, and most important for laptop users is […] More

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    Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 in Thailand Now

    UPDATED: Galaxy S8 and S8+ are now on general sale in Thailand with prices starting at 27,900 baht for the S8 and 30,900 baht for S8+ Buy Galaxy S8 in Thailand Personally, i would never buy Samsung phone again, but if you really want to show off your new killer phone before everyone else gets […] More

  • Buy Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design in Thailand

    Yes, it’s here! Now you can buy Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design smartphone in Thailand. Save 2,500 baht now and own this remarkable smartphone. Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design Display: 5.5 inches Software: Android v 7.0 Memory: 256GB 6GB RAM Camera Primary: 12 MP Camera Secondary: 8  MP Battery: 4000 mAh Non-removable Sim: Dual SIM […] More

  • Best deals on Smartphones in Thailand

    Looking for a new smartphone in Thailand? You’ve come to the right place. Shopping for a smartphone in Thailand is very simple. All shops and shopping malls have the same prices, check out Central of Tukcom and you will see that difference in price will be down to few hundred baht. Save your self time […] More