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  • Paula's Choice Thailand

    Best Price for Paula’s Choice Cosmetics in Thailand

    I am sure you heard of Paula’s Choice line of cosmetics. It’s one of my favorite brands in Thailand. There are many shops in Thailand selling individual products like Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Pore Reducing Toner or rare to find Paula’s Choice Cuticle & Nail Treatment. they currently run 20% off on all Paula’s Choice […] More

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    Probiotics for sale in Thailand

    Where to Buy Probiotics in Thailand

    I was looking for suppler of probiotics in Thailand for very long time. Buying from Phuket before for very expensive price and effect was not the same as ones i got from Ebay. Ebay supply is quite expensive and shipment cost additional $5-$10. Yes, it’s hard to find inexpensive probiotics in Thailand with good quality […] More

  • Green Tea Diet and Weight Loss in Thailand

    This month i am going to lose some weight. My pants all shrunk. Living in Thailand for almost 10 years, i am trying to eat right and it’s easy in Thailand with all kind of healthy food available on every corner. Jomtien beach Surf Kitchen will be my favorite as usual. Few years ago i […] More

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    Thai Beer Calories

    We love our beer in Thailand. I am a health break apart from being a big fun of 1,2 or 3 beers on a hot day. Wondering how much calories you take with one beer? Well, here is a short list of most popular beers in Thailand with a nutrition value. It really came as […] More

  • Health Land Pattaya

    The name ‘Health Land’ is not new to health conscious people. As a matter of fact, Health Land was originally built around the concept of a health center comprising a supermarket selling organic and healthy food, vegetarian restaurant, drug store, herbal garden, library, massage and meditation room, and seminar corner for those who wanted to […] More

  • Thailand Quality Medical Tourism

    Medical tourism in Thailand is a market worth billions of baht. Thailand is famous for it’s plastic surgeries and very reasonable prices for essential and elective surgery. Most popular services are: Face Lift Eyebrow Lift Nose Job/Rhinoplasty Lip Augmentation Eye bag removal All kinds of transplant surgery in Thailand are performed for the fraction of […] More

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    Fractional RF & Electroporation in Thailand

    Let’s talk about Radio Frequency (RF) treatment which became very popular in Thailand in recent years. RF equipment uses an electrical current and it can be used on all skin types allowing for ultimate collagen contraction and production of new collagen. RF treatment also results in some tightening of the skin and the improvement will […] More

  • Luminesce Stem Cell Skin Care

    When you Google “Stem Cells Skin Care” you will find out that it is a most popular topic in skin care these days. Stem cells are building blocks of all organs and life stem cells can grow to become anything. Imagine if you could take some of your own skin stem cells and grow new […] More