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  • Paula's Choice Thailand

    Best Price for Paula’s Choice Cosmetics in Thailand

    I am sure you heard of Paula’s Choice line of cosmetics. It’s one of my favorite brands in Thailand. There are many shops in Thailand selling individual products like Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Pore Reducing Toner or rare to find Paula’s Choice Cuticle & Nail Treatment. they currently run 20% off on all Paula’s Choice […] More

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    The real pageant queens of Pattaya

    News origin: up close and personal: ‘Miss Tiffany: Living the Dream’ will show the pageant contestants preparing in the weeks before the Aug 25 finale. When people think of Pattaya, one of the first things that comes to mind is the abundance of night life and entertainment venues that the city suffers no shortage of. […] More

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    Thailand: LG G6 against HTC U11

    I was waiting to buy HTC U 11. you know that. I just loved all my HTC beginning with HTC One. Something is always special about HTC smartphones. Taiwanese company is a well-known loser and a bad boy of the smartphone market. But Only HTC keep innovating smartphone market and losing money year after year. […] More

  • How To Get 5% Off Everything You Buy at Central

    Have you heard of Thailand Expats Card? It’s free and it’s the only way to get 5% guaranteed discount at many shopping malls and restaurants in Thailand. It’s for expats only and you could get one for free at Central or fill application online. Apply for free The 1 Card The 1 Card is the […] More

  • Buying Coach Bags in Thailand

    My friend asked me recently if she could buy Authentic Coach Bag in Thailand during her trip and if it’s cheaper in Thailand then in US? I went to Central and found stunning Coach bags on the 4th floor. Prices ranged from 15,000 baht up to 50K. It doesn’t look like Thailand is cheaper. I […] More