Car DVR for Hot Weather in Thailand

If you are looking for Card DVR or “dashcam” please confider “the capacitor” type.

Problem with regular battery powered car DVR is that’s too damn hot in Thailand. Attaching DVR to the windshield will definitely put it under the sun, Sun will heat the DVR and battery will explode. If you lucky it will not blow up the case, but battery will expand under the heat and plastic case will break.

Trust me, i had a few different models and they all broke after just a month or so. Unless you are prepared to remove your DVR and take it with you, you need to buy a Capacitor Type Car DVR.

It’s not easy to find this model, but Taiwanese company Papago makes S30 model which is a capacitor type. This model use large capacitor which is charged by car battery and keeps this DVR operating during short time after car ignition is turned off.

Capacitors working temperatures are much higher than batteries and you can leave this DVR under the Thai sun all day long.

Dashcam has wide angle lens with 130 degrees angle enough to cover everything in front of the car. You can download all videos to your PC or Laptop and play as you wish.

This dashcam also locks video file preventing it from being overwritten or deleted when you have an accident. There is a G-sensor inside.

Papago GoSage S30 Dash Camera shown here comes with the SD memory card and a vacuum mount for your car windshield, that’s all you need. it uses Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor which works great during the night.

i use one on my Ford Fiesta for 2 years and love it. Good luck driving in Thailand without dash cam, seriously, good luck!

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