Where to Buy Probiotics in Thailand

Probiotics for sale in Thailand

I was looking for suppler of probiotics in Thailand for very long time. Buying from Phuket before for very expensive price and effect was not the same as ones i got from Ebay. Ebay supply is quite expensive and shipment cost additional $5-$10.

Yes, it’s hard to find inexpensive probiotics in Thailand with good quality and survival rate.

Combif AR in ThailandMy friend from Switzerland recommended Combif AR pills by Medinova and i read great things about it, but it seems to be pretty expensive.

Usual search revealed few suppliers in Thailand, but this was the cheapest. Imagine 280 baht for 10 pills?! That’s 28% off regular price and cheaper than on Ebay.

Combif AR is a probiotics containing Bifidobacterium longum (BB 536) which helps to increase vitamins, lactic acid and acetic acid which can help to increase peristalsis in large intestine and reduce constipation symptom. Combif AR is intestinal balance can reduce risk of colon cancer

Direction: take 1-2 capsules daily with meal.

Buy Probiotics in Thailand

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