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    About Web Site Security and SSL

    I just noticed that our web site address bar turned green. See this green lock or word “secure” if you use Google Chrome? That on the earth is this? We are in Thailand, i haven’t see many of those, except maybe Facebook. Are we as secure as Facebook Thailand? Just spoke to our web design […] More

  • Car DVR for Hot Weather in Thailand

    If you are looking for Card DVR or “dashcam” please confider “the capacitor” type. Problem with regular battery powered car DVR is that’s too damn hot in Thailand. Attaching DVR to the windshield will definitely put it under the sun, Sun will heat the DVR and battery will explode. If you lucky it will not […] More

  • How to Buy Wine and Liquor Online in Thailand

    Lazy to go to liquor store or looking for bottle of the fine wine? Yes, me too. That’s why i buy it online. 2 years ago i found a nice startup called Wine Now which was selling wine online with the delivery anywhere in Thailand. Since that time i spend more than 50,000 baht on […] More

  • Ford Motors Pattaya – Top Car (Chonburi)

    Today, Ford has become a major force in the automotive industry in Thailand “The Detroit of Asia”, and Ford intends to boost production further to grow its business and to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. The award-winning Ford Fiesta is adding a striking shade of purple to its collection of vibrant colors, giving consumers yet another […] More

  • Thailand Quality Medical Tourism

    Medical tourism in Thailand is a market worth billions of baht. Thailand is famous for it’s plastic surgeries and very reasonable prices for essential and elective surgery. Most popular services are: Face Lift Eyebrow Lift Nose Job/Rhinoplasty Lip Augmentation Eye bag removal All kinds of transplant surgery in Thailand are performed for the fraction of […] More

  • Pan Pan Bakery & Restaurant

    Pan Pan: suitable restaurants for tourists, families and for businessmen. Proofed Italian kitchen: the first restaurant was opened in Bangkok in 1975! The moving to Pattaya happened about a decade after, in 1988. Now we serve our customers (Thai, Italians expat or on vacation and tourists of every nationalitys) in two comfortable locations: in Jomtien […] More

  • Pattaya Country Club & Resort

    Pattaya Country Club & Resort located in the natural atmosphere of over 2,000 rai of Private land. Enjoy a round of golf on This standard 18- hole golf course. It’s the only golf course to Highway No.331 and largest golf course in the area, including mini golf course for beginners with all the facilities you […] More